Setting up a new Employee Benefit Type

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    Using the Employee Benefit Type window you can add and maintain benefit types for employees. You can also search for benefit types.

    Set up a new Employee Benefit Type

    1. From the main menu, select Maintenance > Employee > Employee Benefit Type.

    2. In the Employee Benefit Type window, in the Description cell in the top row, enter the new benefit type.

    3. To enter additional benefit types, press [Enter] and then enter details in the new blank row created at the top of the table.

    4. To edit a benefit type, click the Description and type over the text.

    5. When you have finished entering Benefit Types, click File:dirname/central/070_Maintenance/070_Employee/010_Employee+Benefit+Type/010_How+to+set+up+a+new+Employee+Benefit+Type/bttn_ok.gif to save the information and close the window.