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Topics in this Section

  • If a contact or client has an alias it should be recorded to maintain a complete record of the contact or client in the database. The alias is defined by type and is made available for selection when a user enters an alias for a contact or client on the Contact or Client Page: Main Tab. The system administrator defines the different alias types for selection.
  • You may want to select a Business Type for a contact during the contact creation process or at a later stage. Maintenance > Client/Supplier > Business Type is where you can set up the business type options that users can choose from.
  • Automatically generated client codes can be based on two types of algorithms. Client Code (based on client details) Next code number in sequence The Next Code Number in Sequence takes precedence. To generate codes based on a Client Code algorithm, ensure that in the Maintenance > Client/Supplier > Client Creation Settings window, the Algorithm column for the Next code number in sequence row is left blank.