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Editing milestones

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  1. Find the Assignment. Either


  1. If you opened the Client window, open the Job page by clicking Assignments > Job/Schedule.
    If you opened the Assignment window, click open the Job page by clicking Job/Schedule.

  2. Click the Milestone cell for the stage you want and edit the existing milestone or add a milestone using the drop down list.


If you do not link all the milestones to a schedule, the remaining milestones appear greyed out on the Jobsheet homepage control and you will not be able to interact with them.
  1. To remove a milestone, select None from the Milestone drop down list.

  2. When you have finished, click OK to close the window.


The link between schedule stages and milestones are distinct.  You cannot link a milestone to more than one schedule stage.
You do not have to link all milestones to schedule stages. You only need to link the schedule stages to milestones that you would like to track using the homepage control.
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