Adding or removing templates from an Assignment Template Group

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    1. From the main menu, select Maintenance > Assignment > Assignment Template Groups.
      The Assignment Template Groups window displays a drop down list of Assignment Template Group Types at the top of the window, and two panes that display available templates and selected templates respectively.
      When the window opens, the default Assignment Template Group Type is selected and the panes display information for the default.

    2. From the Group drop down list, select the Assignment Template Group Type you want to set up. The Not In Group pane on the left displays templates available for selection while the In Group pane on the right displays templates that already belong to the group, if any.

    3. To

    • Add a single template to the template group, on the Not In Group pane, select the template and click File:dirname/central/070_Maintenance/040_Assignment/010_How+to+add+or+remove+templates+from+an+Assignment+Template+Group/move_sel_right_bttn.gif.

    • Add all the available templates in the Not In Group pane to the group, click File:dirname/central/070_Maintenance/040_Assignment/010_How+to+add+or+remove+templates+from+an+Assignment+Template+Group/move_all_right_bttn.gif.

    • Remove a template from the group, select the template in the In Group pane and click File:dirname/central/070_Maintenance/040_Assignment/010_How+to+add+or+remove+templates+from+an+Assignment+Template+Group/move_sel_left_bttn.gif.

    • Remove all the templates from the group, click File:dirname/central/070_Maintenance/040_Assignment/010_How+to+add+or+remove+templates+from+an+Assignment+Template+Group/move_all_left_bttn.gif.

    1. When you have finished, click File:dirname/central/070_Maintenance/040_Assignment/010_How+to+add+or+remove+templates+from+an+Assignment+Template+Group/bttn_ok.gif to save the changes and close the window.