'Saving with Contact' in Microsoft Office

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    The Document tab is used to create and maintain a database of documents that relate to contacts and clientsYou can create a document while in Microsoft Word, Excel or Outlook and save it into the Document tab of the Contact or Client page. Or, while in the Document tab of a Contact or Client page, create and save the document record (called 'Save with Contact'). Storing links to documents this way gives the practice a central place to easily find information related to any one particular contact or client at any one time.

    Save a document with a contact

    1. When you are ready to save the document, click File > Save With Contacts in the application. The first time you use this, you will be asked to log in.


    2. In the Save With Contact window, in the Description field, enter a description to identify the document.

    3. Find the contact or assignment by clicking in the Contact or Assignment field.

    4. Select the location where you want to save the document by clicking in the Location field. The default location for saving the document is based on the location specified in the Maintenance > System > Document Creating Settings.

    5. Click OK. The document is saved with the selected contact or assignment.