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Document workflow that is associated with a Document Management template can be started on the documents that are created using the Mail Merge Wizard.

Start a Document workflow using the Mail Merge Wizard

To start a workflow on the documents created by the Mail Merge Wizard:

  1. Create a Document workflow.
  2. In the Document Templates screen located within File > Maintenance> Document Management > Templates, associate the Document workflow to a template.

In the example below, the Document workflow ‘Document created with Mail Merge’ is associated with the ‘Monthly Fee Schedule.dotx’ template.

If a default association type is set in the To field from the Document Templates grid, it will be displayed by default in Stage 4 of Mail Merge Wizard.

3. ​​Click OK to save the changes and close the Document Templates screen.

4. In the Find Clients screen, select one or multiple clients.

5. Click on the  button from the Tasks tab within the Ribbon. The Mail Merge Wizard is displayed.

6. Within the Stage 1 of the wizard, leave the Letters option for the Output Selection.

7. Click Next.

8. On Stage 2, select Templates From DM.

9. Select the corresponding Document Management template that has associated the Document workflow. If the selected Document Management template has a workflow associated, then a label containing the name of the workflow is displayed under the Template name search box: Document Created with Mail Merge attached to selected template.

In this example, Document Created with Mail Merge is the name of the workflow that is associated with the document template.

10. In Stage 3 of Mail Merge Wizard, select if necessary the corresponding address(es) and/or Team Responsibility(ies), then click Next.

In the Selected section from Stage 4 of Mail Merge Wizard is displayed by default the association type that was set for the selected template in the To field within Document Templates screen. Click Next.

 12. In the Mail Merge Wizard - Stage 5 tick the checkboxes to confirm the selection of the clients you want the mail merge for.

13. In the Mail Merge Wizard - Stage 6 choose to save the output as multiple documents. Tick the Add to CCH Document Management check box and enter a Description to save each letter with a contact's profile in their Documents tab.

14. Click Finish. The mail merge document or documents opens in Word. The files are uploaded in Document Centre and the workflow associated with the Document Management template is started on the documents. 


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