Viewing documents attached to a contact or client

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From the Documents tab you can view the documents added and linked to a contact or client.

The types of documents include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDFs, emails and HTML pages. To open a document in its native editor click the document hyperlink. For example, if the document was created in MS Excel it will open in MS Excel.

Where the link points to a folder, clicking the link opens Window Explorer where you can select the file you want to view.

View a document

  1. On the tool bar, click Contacts  File:dirname/central/030_Overview/130_How+to.../120_How+to+view+documents+attached+to+a+contact+or+client/bttn_contacts.gif or Clients File:dirname/central/030_Overview/130_How+to.../120_How+to+view+documents+attached+to+a+contact+or+client/bttn_clients.gif.

  2. In the Find window, in the Search for field, enter the name or search criteria for the contact or assignment whose documents you want to view.

  3. Click OK or press the [Enter] key.

  4. On the search results list, double–click the required record.

  5. On the Contact or Client page, click the Documents tab to open it.

  6. Double-click the diocument you want on the list documents attached to the contact or client.

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