Linking a document or folder to a contact

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    From the Documents tab you can link files at both the contact/client and assignment level, allowing others within the practice to easily find information related to a client or assignment. You can link to many file types, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDFs, emails and HTML pages.  You can also link to a folder within your system, saving time in accessing documents that may not be suitable for direct linking.

    Link a document or folder to a contact, client or assignment

    1. On the tool bar click Contacts  File:dirname/central/030_Overview/130_How+to.../090_How+to+link+a+document+or+folder+to+a+contact/bttn_contacts.gif or Clients  File:dirname/central/030_Overview/130_How+to.../090_How+to+link+a+document+or+folder+to+a+contact/bttn_clients.gif .

    2. In the Find window, in the Search for field type the name or search criteria for the contact or assignment you want to create a link for.

    3. Click OK or press the [Enter] key.

    4. On the search results list double–click the record you want.

    5. On the Contact, Client, Supplier or Assignment page click the Documents tab.

    6. Click either the Link to an existing document icon File:dirname/central/030_Overview/130_How+to.../090_How+to+link+a+document+or+folder+to+a+contact/icon_link_to_doc.gif or the Link to an existing directory icon File:dirname/central/030_Overview/130_How+to.../090_How+to+link+a+document+or+folder+to+a+contact/icon_link_to_directory.gif.
      The Open window displays for a document link, or the Browse For Folder window for a directory link.

    7. Navigate and select the required folder/document.

    8. Click Open for a document or OK for a folder.
      The document or folder is listed in the Document tab where you can click to open it.