Adding a team for a contact, client or assignment

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The Responsibility tab is where you create and maintain information about the people and areas within your practice that are responsible for the contact or client's work. This is where you record the team of people who will perform various functions for the client, as well as the partner responsibility and structure responsibility that have been allocated to a particular client. These responsibilities are attached to clients for reporting purposes.

Record a team for the client

  1. Open the Contact or Client page for the contact that you want to add responsibilities to.

  2. Click the Responsibilities tab to display Partner Responsibility and the Team.

  3. In the Team panel, select the Apply Team Security check box, if necessary.

  4. Click the Ellipsis File:dirname/central/040_Contacts+and+Clients/170_How+to.../110_How+to+add+and+maintain+responsibilities+and+teams+for+a+contact%2C+client+or+assignment/bttn_ellipsis.gif  in the Employee field.

  5. In the Find window, enter search criteria in the Search for field, and then click Search.

  6. From the results list, select a team member.

  7. Select a Responsibility for that team member and then click OKThe employee's name appears in the Team list.

  8. Repeat Steps 4 to 7 until you have allocated the required team members to the contact or client.

  9. Enter any notes you want nto the Notes field.

  10. Click the Ellipsis File:dirname/central/040_Contacts+and+Clients/170_How+to.../110_How+to+add+and+maintain+responsibilities+and+teams+for+a+contact%2C+client+or+assignment/bttn_ellipsis.gif In the Dept field.

  11. In the Find Departments window enter search criteria in the Search for field and then press [Enter].

  12. From the results list, select the department. and then click OK. The selected department is displayed in the Dept field.

  13. Click the Ellipsis File:dirname/central/040_Contacts+and+Clients/170_How+to.../110_How+to+add+and+maintain+responsibilities+and+teams+for+a+contact%2C+client+or+assignment/bttn_ellipsis.gif in the Office field.

  14. In the Find Office window enter the search criteria in the Search for field and then press [Enter].

  15. From the results list select the required office and then click OKThe selected office is displayed in the Dept field.

  16. Click the Ellipsis File:dirname/central/040_Contacts+and+Clients/170_How+to.../110_How+to+add+and+maintain+responsibilities+and+teams+for+a+contact%2C+client+or+assignment/bttn_ellipsis.gif in the Company field.

  17. In the Find Company window, enter the search criteria in the Search for field and then press [Enter].

  18. From the resuilts list select the required company and then click OKThe selected company is displayed in the Company field.

  19. Click OK to save and close the Contact or Client page.


The master list of team member responsibilities is set up by the system administrator using Maintenance > Responsibility Types. You can usually only assign one of each team responsibility type per client unless your system administrator has set up that a type can be used more than once.
To amend current responsibilities, simply click the employee name or a selected responsibility and select the new one. To delete an employee from a team, highlight the entry line for the employee and click Delete.
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