Deleting a contact or client address

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    There are two ways you can delete an address:

    Delete an address from the database

    1. Open the Contact or Client page.

    2. Click the Address tab to display it.

    3. In the Task Bar, click Add/Maintain.

    4. On the Address Search and Maintenance window search for the address you want to delete by making a selection in the Find a field and entering search criterion in the which starts with a field.

    5. Click Search.

    6. On the results list, select the address you want to delete.


    The first column shows how many times the address you want to delete is linked to other clients or contacts in the database. To check the links, click Show. If you decide not to delete the address because it is linked to other clients or contacts, click OK on the Contacts/Clients/Suppliers Using Address window and OK on the Address Search and Maintenance window. The address and contact details remain unchanged.
    1. Click Delete in the Task Bar.

    2. On the Delete Linked Address window click Yes.
      The address is removed from the database. Any contacts linked to that address will also have the link to the address removed.

    3. Click OK to save the changes and return to the Addresses tab.