Linking an existing address to a contact or client

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    Link an existing address to a contact or client

    1. Open the Contact or Client page for the contact who you want to link an address to.

    2. Click the Address tab and then click click Add/Maintain in the Task Bar, . The Address Search and Maintenance tab displays addresses inked to the Contact or Client.  The default is Card View. To display the addresses as a list clear the Card View check box at the foot of the tab.

    3. Select Search category from the drop down list in the Find a field.

    4. Enter the text to search for in the which starts with field and then click Search.

    5. On the results list click the card showing the address you want to link. and then click Link in the Task Bar.  The Select an address type window displays address types not yet used.
    6. Select the address type for the new address - you can link an address type only once to an address - and then click OK.

    7. Click OK on the Success message. The heading of the new card shows how many times the address has been linked.

    8. Click OK on the Address Search and Maintenance tab. The Addresses tab displays the linked address in the Addresses panel.

    9. Click OK to save the new address and exit the Contact or Client page.