Working with Tabs

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Topics in this Section

  • The Main tab is the default display tab when you open a Contact or Client page. It contains the primary contact details for the contact or client.
  • The Addresses tab on the Contact or Client Page is where you add, create and edit addresses and phone numbers connected with a contact or client. If you use the Add New Client Wizard, the information you enter in the Wizard will appear on this tab too. The primary address and contact numbers also appear on the Main tab of the Contact or Client Page while secondary addresses and numbers only show on the Addresses tab.
  • The Extra tab displays additional information that the practice wants to collect or carry out in connection with a Contact or Client. The fields on the tab represent custom categories and custom fields that the system administrator sets up using the Maintenance menu.
  • A Contact or Client page includes an Associated tab where you can view and create relationship links between the contact or client and other contacts and clients in the database.
  • The Assignment tab gives you access to opening, adding, creating and maintaining assignments for a client.
  • The Responsibility tab on the Contact and Client pages is where you create and maintain information about the people and areas within your practice responsible for a contact or client's work. You record the Team of people who will perform various functions for the client, as well as the Partner Responsibility and Structure Responsibility that have been allocated to a particular client. These responsibilities are attached to clients for reporting purposes.
  • The To Do tab is where you can view and amend all the tasks or activities that have been planned or carried out for the selected Contact  or Client. From here you can click a task in the list to display the details in the Task Details page, from where you can view or amend the information.
  • The Documents tab is used to create and maintain a database of documents that relate to contacts or clients.