Finding a contact or client record

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    Find and open a record for a contact or client

    1. On the main menu, click Contacts  File:dirname/central/040_Contacts+and+Clients/170_How+to.../030_How+to+find+a+contact+or+client+record/bttn_contacts.gif or Clients File:dirname/central/040_Contacts+and+Clients/170_How+to.../030_How+to+find+a+contact+or+client+record/bttn_clients.gif.

    1. On the Contact or Client page, in the Search for field, enter the name (or part of the name) of the record you want to search for.

    2. Select the Hide form when only one item found check box at the bottom  of the window if required.

    3. Select the Search any part of name/code check box if required.

    4. Click Search.

    5. On the results list double-click the contact or client record you want to open. (You can double-click any information on the client name other than the email address.) The Contact or Client details page is displayed.

    Group and sort search results

    Drag a column heading to the grey area above the list to group by that column. For example, when you drag the 'Partner' column heading to the grey area, the list shows clients grouped by partner.

    To sort results alphabetically, click a column header.

    Right click menu options 

    The following options are available on the right click menu:

    Show/Hide Preview Panel

    A toggle option. Click to turn on or off the display area at the bottom of the list. The display area will show details about the selected contact or client.

    Field Chooser

    From here you can select the fields of information you want to be displayed with the listed records. Drag fields onto the list area from the window, or vice versa.

    Copy name

    The right click options include Copy name to clipboard and Copy name and address to clipboard. You can also copy the selected contact name to the clipboard from here for use in other applications.