Client window

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    The Client window has a number of tabs which group information together so that details are easy to view and edit if necessary.

    Tabs on the Client window

    The tabs on the Client window are:

    The information shown on these tabs is created while using the Add New Client Wizard.

    When you need to create new contacts or clients, you can access a Wizard from the main menu — File > New option — that will guide you through the process.

    Task Bar options

    When the Client window is displayed, the options available on the Task Bar are:

    • Re-Open client
      Click to reopen a client that has previously been closed. You will also need to reopen or create new assignments for the client to allow WIP to be entered for them.

    • Close client
      Click to close the selected client record. This will remove the client from the mail merge pool, timesheets and client lists. This will also close all the client's assignments. You cannot close a client if they have any WIP balances, unbilled entries or outstanding debtors attached to them.

    • Delete client
      Click to delete the selected client. You cannot delete a client if they have any WIP balances or unbilled entries attached to them.

    • Convert to Contact
      Click to change the client into a contact.