Working with Notes

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    The Main tabs on the Contact, Client and Employee pages have a Notes area where you can store multiple notes for the selected record. Use this feature to record dealings and communications with contacts or clients, or to store information that will be useful for others in the practice to have easy access to.

    Format notes

    The notes feature also contains a formatting toolbar that allows you to customise the look of the note. You can apply:

    • bold font

    • underlining

    • italics

    • bullets

    • change the font and text colour and size

    • undo and redo changes.


    Use the Copy to Clipboard right-click menu option to copy the content of an open note onto the MS Windows clipboard. Once copied to the clipboard, you can paste the content – including the note title, date and text – in RTF format into other applications such as MS Excel or Word.

    Add a note

    1. On the main toolbar click either Contacts File:dirname/central/030_Overview/130_How+to.../040_How+to+add%2C+edit+or+delete+a+note/bttn_contacts.gif, Clients File:dirname/central/030_Overview/130_How+to.../040_How+to+add%2C+edit+or+delete+a+note/bttn_clients.gif, or Employees  File:dirname/central/030_Overview/130_How+to.../040_How+to+add%2C+edit+or+delete+a+note/bttn_employees.gif.  The relevant Find page appears.

    2. In the Search for field, type in the name (or part of the name) of the record you want to search for and then click OK or press [Enter].

    3. On the results list double–click the record you want to open. The Contact, Client, or Employee page for the selected record is displayed.

    4. Click the Main tab to display it. Any notes already added for the record are displayed in the Notes area.

    5. Click Add under the Notes area.

    6. On the Notes page, enter the Title for the note. The title displays in the Notes list on the Main tab, so it needs to be a title that will help other users identify the content.

    7. Use the [Tab] key or click the main edit field of the page and type the contents of the note.

    8. Format the text if required. The formatting toolbar options work in the same way as in other Microsoft Windows products.

    9. Click Close to save the note and return to the Main tab where the new note is listed.

    Edit a note

    1. Click a note in the Main tab and then click View.

    2. On the Notes page make your changes by adding to or typing over the existing note text, note title or date and by formatting as necessary.

    3. Click Close to save the note and return to the Main tab where the edited note is listed.

    Correct spellings

    The Rich Text Spell Checker allows you to spell check text entries as they are entered. The spell checker is enabled by default and highlights spelling errors with a red underline.

    1. Right-click the word underlined in red. A pop-up appears listing suggested corrections.

    2. Click the correct spelling on the pop-up to correct the spelling.


    If spelling errors are not highlighted, consult your System Administrator as the Rich Text Spell Checker configuration key may have been disabled. If a suggested spelling is not listed, it means that there are no recognised alternatives in the spell checker dictionary. The word remains underlined in red.

    If the spelling is correct you can:

    • add this word to the dictionary by right clicking and clicking Add


    • ignore the word (removing the underline) by selecting Ignore from the pop-up options.

    Delete a note

    • Click a note in the Main tab and then click Delete.

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