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The first time you log in to CCH Central, the Task Bar on the left side of your Home Page displays Views and Other Tasks.

Using the Task Bar

The Task Bar looks like this:


The default Home Page is usually blank.

The Task Bar is always displayed on the left of the window. It provides you with one–click navigation to main features.

As you move through windows, you will notice that the contents of the Task Bar keep changing. This is because the Task Bar updates to display the options available for the window that's currently open.

Using the Task Bar you can customise your Home Page to display information you need to access quickly or at a glance. However, if your Home Page already displays information, it means that your system administrator has set a default Home Page for you based on your Employee Category.

  • To minimise the Task Bar, click Close File:dirname/central/030_Overview/090_Taskbar+Options/010_About+the+Task+Bar/icon_close_task_bar.gif.
  • To view it again, click View  > Task Bar on the Main Menu.
  • To Auto Hide the Task Bar, click the Pin icon File:dirname/central/030_Overview/090_Taskbar+Options/010_About+the+Task+Bar/icon_pin_task_bar.gif . To make it visible again, click the Task Bar   File:dirname/central/030_Overview/090_Taskbar+Options/010_About+the+Task+Bar/task_bar_hide_show.gif label in the top left corner.
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