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    The Toolbox lets you customise your Home Page by selecting the view options you want to appear on your Home Page.

    Using the Toolbox

    1. On the Task Bar, click , to display the Toolbox.
    2. To customise the Home Page, drag an icon for a view option from the Toolbox on to the content area of your Home Page.


    What you can select and do with the Toolbox may be limited depending upon your security group.

    Launching the Web Browser

    A web browser can be displayed on your Home Page.


    1. On the Task Bar, click Customise to display the Toolbox.
    2. From the Toolbox, select the web browser under Central > Web Browser.

    Using Job Sheets

    When you drag the Job Sheet option from the Toolbox on to the home page you will see a table you can use to monitor, track, and filter jobs and schedule stages carried out in the practice.

    Launching the Job Sheet control

    1. On the Task Bar on the left side of the window, click Customise.
    2. From the Toolbox, click Job Management > Job Sheet.

    The default columns are:

    - Client/Assignment
    - Job/Schedule
    - Assigned To
    - Target Date
    - Days Left



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