Getting Started

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This section describes common window elements and tasks in CCH Central.

Contents of this Section

  • Upon launch, CCH Central presents a blank Home Page. This Home Page is your starting point each time you log in.
  • The Main Menu is always displayed at the top of pages and windows.
  • The Toolbar is always displayed under the main menu.
  • The content area takes up the bulk of the window. It displays your personalised Home Page when you log in. Any pages you open are also displayed here. Unless you close pages down you will see a tab for each one at the top of the display area. Click tabs to jump between pages. Your Home Page is always the first tab on the left.
  • In CCH Central, when you open a contact, client, assignment, supplier or employee record, information is presented in tabs.
  • The Find page is displayed when you click one of the following buttons in the main toolbar: Contacts Clients Employees
  • The Main tabs on the Contact, Client and Employee pages have a Notes area where you can store multiple notes for the selected record. Use this feature to record dealings and communications with contacts or clients, or to store information that will be useful for others in the practice to have easy access to.