Features and Benefits

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    CCH Central, part of the CCH ProSystem suite, is a powerful and easy to use contact and client database.

    So what are the main features?

    CCH Central provides all the functionality of a contact system, plus additional productivity tools to manage the client relationship and other vital practice data, for example, employee and reporting information. These features are designed to help manage client and contact information, organise CRM tasks, and manage practice resources.

    It also provides a platform for other CCH applications which extend functionality to carry out full practice management, accounts production or Tax processes.


    CCH Central helps you to:

    • Create and maintain contact and client information
    • Store multiple addresses such as Main, Business and Billing
    • Create custom fields for all contacts and clients
    • Store contact history for CRM purposes
    • Maintain employee permissions and security
    • Manage contact and client relationships with one another
    • Create Word and Excel documents in association with contacts or clients
    • Mail merge clients and contacts
    • Launch other applications.