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  1. On the menu choose Tools > Tax Explorer. The CCH Personal Tax Explorer Reports tab appears.

  2. Click the New Report File:ptnew4/pertax/150_Tax+Explorer+Reports/030_Create+Reports/new_report.png button.
    The CCH Personal Tax Explorer Report tab appears with the Summary tab selected by default. The left pane lists the possible data sources you can select when creating a report in a tree structure, while the right pane contains tabs for setting up and viewing the report.

  3. In Report name (compulsory), enter a unique name to save the report, for example Client Details.

Note: To save the report you must enter a unique name otherwise an error occurs.

  1. If necessary enter additional information about the report in Comment, e.g. This report contains information about clients.

  2. Click either the Grid View or Report Layout tab to add the data you would like to capture in the report.

  3. Do one of the following to assign a data source to a report:

  • Right-click the data source that you want to assign to the report and select Output.

  • In the left pane click a data source field, for example Client code, and drag it to the space in the grid (Grid View only) or the space in the report frame (below the ruler) on the Report Layouttab.

    The data sources appear as objects on the Report Layout tab, and as columns on the Grid View tab.

  1. Repeat step 6 to add additional data to the report.

  2. Use one of the following methods to preview the report before printing:

  • Click the Report View tab to preview the report within the tab.

  • Click File:ptnew4/pertax/150_Tax+Explorer+Reports/030_Create+Reports/image1.gif on the CCH Personal Tax Explorer Report tab to view an enlarged version of the report.



About the Report View and Preview Tab Toolbar
Edit and View Reports
Use the Grid View
Once you have built your report using either the Report Layout tab or the Grid View tab you can further customise the report output.
Use Report Layout
You can use the Grouping box in the Report Layout tab to arrange the information into specific groups. For example, you may want the report to group the data contained by client type.
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