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Before filing the tax return online you should ensure that there are no errors or exceptions. As you submit the tax return you are guided through the process through on-screen prompts, and you should select the appropriate option to successfully complete your submission. To submit tax returns online you need to add your agent credentials.


Topics in this Section

  • There are two areas within CCH Personal Tax where you can enter online filing credentials so that you can file tax returns online: Employee Details - Online Filing Details tab The login details entered here relate to a specific employee. Tax System Parameters Login details apply to the practice as a whole, or for a specific Company, Office or Department.
  • You must first provide your login details before you can transfer a tax return online. This is described in Enter Agent Credentials.
  • Following the creation of the IR mark you will then need to work through the options within the Filing by Internet tab to transfer the tax return to HMRC
  • Once HMRC have accepted the original return up to 9 amendments can be submitted. Amendments may be made either to returns submitted by Personal Tax or by HMRC / third party products.
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