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Use the Page 1 Details tab to enter information that relates to page 1 of the tax return.

Add Page 1 Details

  1. Enter the Employer's PAYE Reference. If you entered an Employer's PAYE Reference in the Employment section, then you can select it from the pull-down.

  2. Complete Date tax return issued. This field is mandatory.

  3. Click Ellipsis1.png to select or create a local HMRC office.

  4. Enter the clients current address details in Issue Address or click the link Click here to select an existing address.

  5. (Optional) Edit address. Click to edit the Issue Address.

Note: Any changes made modifies other clients that use this address.

  1. (Optional) Removed linked address. Select this option to clear the linked address.

  2. Select the option Tick if page 1 details incorrect on original form, if this applies to the name and/or address details.

  3. Lloyds membership number. Enter if applicable.

  4. You can change the date that the tax return relates to by changing the From and To dates for Reporting period, .




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