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How to Add Other Income

Last modified 07:54, 24 Apr 2017
Table of contents
  1. Open the Other Income section.

  2. Select the category that the incomes falls in from the Type of other income pull-down. The choices are Category A or Category B.

  3. Describe where the income comes from in the Description column.

  4. Enter the totals for the following:

·         Amount Received

·         Tax Paid

·         Expenses

Note: Your expenses cannot exceed your income when you select Category B income.

  1. (Optional) Click the Green allowance check box if the income qualifies.

  2. (Optional) Complete the following foreign income related fields:

·         Country

·         Amount on which foreign tax paid

·         Foreign tax deducted

·         Foreign tax treatment is by deduction?

Note: You can claim loss relief for income grouped under Category A, but not Category B.



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