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Frequently asked questions from practices already using CCH Working Paper Management

Indexing Pack and Sections

  • Can I edit the indexing pack and sections used within my practice once I’ve created and edited my own practice pack?
  • The selection of the indexing pack and any amendments to the sections should be done before you start to make any amendments to the structure of the practice pack.

Master Packs

  • Which entities are supported in the 2017.1 release?
  • For this release we are shipping master packs for Limited (FRS102) and Limited (FRS105)


  • Does this mean I can only create working papers practice packs for these entities?
  • For this release, yes. Master packs for other entities will be shipped in subsequent releases

Working Paper Activation

  • If I choose not to activate working papers on an accounting period but then later change my mind, how do I retrospectively activate them?
  • In the open accounting period revert back to the master pack. It will ask you if you want to activate working papers here.
  • You can the upgrade to the latest version of the master pack

Working Paper Roles

  • Which takes precedence? Employee category or client responsibility type?
  • If your practice uses responsibility type on a client record, the role for working papers will always come from what’s setup here first
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