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Advance Search

As you are most likely familiar with CCH Central's Advanced Search, we have used this to create a filter to allow you to manage your potentially large workflow list from the workflow homepage.

Click the No Filter hyperlink on your workflow homepage;  The Advanced Search box is returned.


Click the Click here to add search criteria to build your filter to apply.


The following is a list of available parameters.


Grouped Filters

It is possible to perform multiple grouped filtering to support complex conditions.

E.g. where the (Accounts Reviewed DueDate is “x” and AP Period End after “01/01/2010” and Client Partner = “Joe Bloggsr”) 

Select GF_ClickHereToFilterRecords.png to return a group header; the GF_PlusSign.png returns the sub group query.

In the example below, section 1 is run.  Followed by section 2 and the results returned.


Click GF_RemoveSign.png to remove the query line.  If selected at the group header level the relevant sub queries are also removed.


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