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Once you have completed a section of the tax return and checked the information contained you can click the Reviewed check box in the Status panel. This locks the section by making it read-only and records the reviewers name and the date that they conducted the review at the top. This process makes it easier to keep a track of your progress.

Set Section as Reviewed

Before you can mark a section as Reviewed you must first set the status to All Complete. You can then click the Reviewed check box. This unlock button.png icon then appears next each section that has been reviewed. To allow editing again you need to unlock the section. Open the section and then click the Unlock button at the top, click Yes when the confirmation message appears.

Unlock locked source.png


Status Panel
Use the Status panel to monitor your progress as you complete the tax return. The Status panel allows you to indicate whether the information entered is complete, reviewed or estimated for each section of the tax return. In addition, you can add notes to remind you to complete a task and/ or add explanations.
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