Adding a new bank account

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This section describes the process for adding a new client bank account.

Adding a new client bank account

1.    Go to Financials > Accounts.

2.    Click [Add Account].

3.    In the dialog box that follows, select Assets - Bank from the Account Type drop-down, and provide a name for the account (in this case, we have used “job bank account” but any identifiable name – Barclays Current, Lloyds Deposit, etc – could be used).


4.    Click [Bank Details] tab and select the bank and branch, at which the account is held, together with the sort code and account number for the account.


5.    Click [OK].

6.    Right-click on the Account name and select [Edit Job bank account], or double-click on the account and select [Edit Account].


7.    Go to the Advanced tab and check Default Bank Account.


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