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Allocating Additions and Disposals in Personal Tax to an Asset/Pool type

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Once the Additions and Deductions have been imported, the system checks whether there are any new movements that have not been imported previously. If there are, the Errors and Exceptions panel shows the message “Some Fixed Asset Register movements have not yet been allocated to an Asset/Pool type”.

If there are unallocated movements:

  • Click on the message to go into Business Tax
  • Select the business and then the Accounting Period
  • Click on the Capital Allowances tab and click any of the links to allowances, e.g. Annual Investment Allowance which is the first link.
  • A list of Asset/pool types is displayed.
  • A new Asset/pool type is listed called “Movements not allocated to any asset/pool type” with a Description of Unallocated. 
  • The Unallocated pool is created automatically by the system when there are any unallocated movements. If it appears, you need to allocate these movements as follows.
    • Click the Unallocated link. This opens the pool. The only enabled button is called Movements.
    • Click the Movements button. The Movements screen appears.


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