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Setting up the Tax Links screen

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The Tax Links screen appears when you open a personal, partnership or trust client. It is used to specify what data is brought into CCH Personal Tax from CCH Accounts Production and the Fixed Asset Register.

The settings are as follows:

  • Update automatically - CCH Accounts Production Personal Tax is automatically updated from Accounts Production when a Tax Return is opened without needing to click Update from Accounts.
  • CCH Accounts Production link If this option is ticked then Fixed Asset Register data is imported into Personal Tax along with Accounts Production data for years 2017 onwards. This setting can be different for each tax year. If it is not ticked, then the Fixed Asset Register is "unlinked" from Personal Tax. This means that no data is imported from the Fixed Asset Register into Personal Tax. It also means that any data previously imported, i.e. when it was linked, can be freely edited.
  • Allow draft accounts When data is exported from Accounts Production, you must specify whether the data is Draft or Final. If you select Draft then Allow draft accounts must be ticked to allow it to be imported into Personal Tax.


  • Although Update automatically causes the data to be read automatically into Personal Tax, it still needs to be exported from Accounts Production into a holding area first.
  • The other settings on the Tax Links screen are described in the Personal Tax Help under Linking Products.
  • There are some differences between how the Tax Links screen is used with the Fixed Asset Register and how it is used for other data in CCH Accounts Production. These are explained here.


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