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Exporting the data from Accounts Production

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The Fixed Asset Register data is imported into Corporation Tax alongside the Accounts Production data. Accounts Production data must be exported into a "holding area" before it can be imported into Corporation Tax. To import Fixed Asset Register data you must export the Accounts Production data first. Otherwise the system will report that there is "Nothing to import".

To export the data from Accounts Production:

  • Go into the relevant Accounting Period in Accounts Production
  • Click Tax Link followed by Update Tax on the Ribbon
  • The system asks "Mark the Tax Link data as Draft?" This question has no effect when exporting to Corporation Tax. Answer No and click Continue.
  • The system reports "Update complete".

The Accounts Production Tax Link screen is shown below.


  • On the screen above the Tax Link option is highlighted and Update Tax is shown on the Ribbon.
  • The right hand part of the screen shows what is called the "Basic Profit and loss data" but this is not relevant to the export of Fixed Asset Register data.


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