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The Known Issues for version 2016.2 SP1 were all fixed in 2016.3, released on 02/11/2016.  The following are the Known Issues for 2016.2 SP1 and 2016.3.

To see which version of Fixed Asset Register you have , check File > Help > About > Plugins. Look for the version of Accounts Production at the top of the screen:

  • 2016.200.1607.12801 or 2016.201.1608.11001. This is 2016.2. The first release number was the original version; the second version included the Academies Masterpack. 
  • 2016.210.1609.12301. This is 2016.2 SP1.
  • 2016.300.1610.11801. This is 2016.3.

If you need the later version, just rerun the Central Suite Installer (CSI).

Known Issues in 2016.2 SP1

ITS/55753 - In certain circumstances, the system can calculate negative depreciation

This happens if the NBV B/Fwd is already below the Residual Value. In this case, the system calculates negative depreciation to bring the NBV C/Fwd back up to the Residual Value. In practice this can happen as follows:

  • In VAP FAR, an asset with Reducing Balance depreciation has been depreciated to zero and has a zero Residual Value.
  • The asset is converted to the new FAR. Under the new FAR, an asset with Reducing Balance depreciation must have a Residual Value of at least £1. So the conversion inserts a Residual Value of £1.
  • When depreciation is calculated the asset gets a depreciation charge of -1 to bring the NBV C/Fwd back up to £1.

If this issue occurs, you should edit the Depreciation on the Cost B/Fwd’s on affected assets to ensure that the Cost less Depreciation is at least £1.

ITS/55805 - Import from VAP - Columns are reported as invalid if the columns have been reordered in VAP FAR

This can happen if the user has changed the order of the columns on the VAP FAR Assets screen. This is quite easy to do accidentally by dragging the column headings into a different order.

If this issue occurs, you should ensure that the VAP FAR column order follows the default order:
Code, Name, Description, Serial Number, Cost, Residual,Depn Rate %, Depn Type, Purchase Date, Disposal Date, Sale Proceeds,

Category Code, Group Detail Code, Section Code, Location Code, Value, Total Depreciation, Total Revaluation, Profit/Loss,

Depreciate from purchase date, Default Category Group, Asset Parent Code

Known Issues in 2016.3

ITS/55836 - Error deleting a client

When a client is deleted the system attempts to delete all the assets before deleting the client itself. But if a client has 2 or more assets with movements then this fails and the user sees an error 'The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "FK_AP_AssetMovement_Asset"....'

ITS/55837 - Print button shows a compressed grid of data

The report is squashed into the left half of the page instead of occupying the full page width. This affects the Print button on several screens: Asset Summary, Periods, Setup, Master Asset Classes, Asset Class.

The simplest workaround is to use the Excel button to output the data to Excel and to print from there. The Print button will be removed from a future release. 

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