Claiming CGT reliefs/adjustments

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You should use this to claim Relief/adjustments for Capital Disposals made by a company. The claim for Relief/adjustments is made per Capital Disposal and you may only claim one relief/adjustment per Capital Disposal. 

Make a claim for relief/adjustment

The claim for Reliefs/adjustments is made in the Capital Disposals window.

  1. To access the Reliefs/adjustments Ui highlight the capital disposal by clicking on any field within the Capital Disposal. 
  2. In Reliefs/adjustments, access the drop down menu by clicking the arrow in Relief claimed and select the Relief/adjustments from the options shown.
  3. To remove an existing Relief/adjustment choose the Remove reliefs claimed option from the drop down menu. 

  4. Once the type of Reliefs/adjustment has been chosen then enter the Amount.  Additional fields will be required to be completed when the CVS Reliefs claimed option is chosen.


 The  Reliefs/adjustments drop down menu is not available if the override type of disposal is chosen.

The options available in the drop down menu are self explanatory and are:

  • Remove reliefs claimed
  • Rollover relief
  • Rollover relief - depreciating asset
  • Substantial shareholding exemption
  • CVS Relief against income (up to and including accounting periods ending 31/3/2015)

  • Share loss relief against income
  • Other - loss adjustments
  • Other - gain adjustments
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