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This section explains how to update information from CCH Accounts Production into the CCH Corporation tax Period of account.

Manually Updating information from CCH Accounts Production

There are two levels of information that can be updated from CCH Accounts Production to CCH Corporation Tax.


The following information is updated:

  • Profit/(loss) per accounts
  • Turnover
  • Depreciation
  • Profit/(loss) on disposal of fixed assets

To update this information:

  1. Ensure that a trade is created within the period of account
  2. Select the Update from Accounts link in the Actions panel within the left hand task bar

  3. Select the trade from the next window

Trade selection AP import.PNG


This window will only appear if the company has multiple trades.

Profit & Loss

The full detailed profit & loss within the financial statements is updated from CCH Accounts Production

To update information into the Profit & Loss

  1. Select Insert P & L from the Profit & Loss Actions panel in the left hand task bar
  2. Select the Update from Accounts link in the Actions panel in the left hand task bar

Automatically updating information from CCH Accounts Production

To have either the basic or full Profit & loss information automatically updated in CCH Corporation Tax simply set up this feature by using the Cllent Tax links area. Select this link to access Help on this feature.

Once the feature is enabled the data will automatically update each time the period of account is opened.

Warning message

CCH Corporation Tax will advise that information has changed in CCH Accounts Production compared with the information currently held in CCH Corporation Tax.

This will appear at any time either during the completion of the Tax Return or when the period of account is next opened. To update the latest information simply click on the message seen in the errors and exception panel.


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