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This explains how to use the CT600D Insurance data entry window. Please note that with effect from accountnig periods commencing on or after 1/4/2015 the data entry window will only contain a single checkbox. This complies with the change in the layout of the form CT600D. 

Accessing the CT600D data entry window

To access the CT600D data entry window:

  • Double click on Tax Return Information node in the left hand data navigator. A list of return and supplementary pages will appear. Alternatively, enter CT600D into the search box situated at the top of the navigator bar.
  • Click on the arrow to the left of the CT600D node in the navigator to expand the option
  • Select the relevant accounting period end

Entering Insurance detailsEdit section

  1. On the CT600D window, select the accounting period 

The data entry window is accounting period-specific and therefore only information relevant to that accounting period should be made. The window provides for the entering of the necessary information required by the supplementary page:

  1. In the CT600D window, enter the following:
  • This data entry fields on the CT600D window are numbered in line with the boxes on the HMRC supplementary pages PDF.

  • Boxes numbered D1, D2 and D3 - Only complete these fields if the accountnig period is  if the accounting period started on or before 5/4/2004.
  • Boxes D4 and D5 - Only complete these fields if the accounting period started on or before 31/3/1999.
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