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Using the Nominee Details window you can instruct HMRC to repay any overpayments direct to a nominee.

Add a nominee

A nominee can be added either by either:

To add the details directly:

  1. On the data navigator click on CT600>Repayments and select the appropriate accounting period.

  2. In the Nominee Details section on the Repayments window, enter the status of the representative authorising the nominee to receive the repayment in the I, as field.

  3. Enter the Company name in the Of field.

  4. Enter the Nominee name in the Authorise field.

  5. Enter the Nominee's full Address and Postcode.

  6. Enter the name of the signatory.


Validations will appear if any mandatory information is missing or incorrect.
  1. To make the details appear on the CT600, select the Repayment to Nominee check box.


The nominee details will only show on the CT600 if there is a repayment due for the period and the above check box has been selected.

Carry details forward

The nominee details entered for the first time will be carried forward to subsequent accounting periods and periods of account. The fields are not available in the later periods.

To change the nominee information in the later periods:

  1. On the data navigator click on CT600>Repayments and the appropriate accountnig period.

  2. In the Nominee details section Select the Change nominee details check box.

  3. The revised and updated details will automatically appear in subsequent accounting periods.


If a new period of account is created before changing the nominee details in a previous period then you will need to go to that period of account and change the nominee details as described above.


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