Dividends /Distributions

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You can report details of the dividends / distributions received by a company during a Period of Accounts.

Reporting Dividend / Distribution

The data entries are self explanatory.

  1. From 51% Subsidiary If this is ticked then no data entry is possible in the FII data entry fields.
  2. C/fwd this amount is read only and it is calclulated from other entries made
  3. The Trade Allocation grid appears where the No Primary Trade box has been ticked or if there is more than one trade/business
  4. The FII will appear in the tax computation as a grossed up amount where the company's is liable at the marginal rate of corporation tax.



  • The dividends/distributions are shown as a reclassification adjustment in the trade summary where the amount has been shown in the trade allocation grid
  • Received this validates against the entries made in FII data entry fields for each AP
  • B/fwd the amount Bfwd from the earlier AP can be manually overridden
  • The description, From 51% subsidiary and C/fwd amounts are rolled forward to the following POA


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