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This section explains how to enter data to complete the Assets section of the Ct600E charities supplmentary pages.

Entering Assets details 

Complete the following steps by entering all relevant information as provided by the financial statements for the Charity.

  1. Click on the arrow alongside the CT600E node in the left hand data navigator to expand the list of options within this area.
  2. Click on the arrow on Assets node in the navigator
  3. Select the relevant accounting period.

Complete all relevant data entry boxes:

  • Tangible fixed assets.
  • UK investments.
  • Shares in, and loans to, controlled companies
  • Overseas investments
  • Loans and non-trade debtors
  • Other current assets
  • Qualifying investments and loans (charities only)
  • Value of any non-qualifying investments and loans (charities only)
  • Number of subsidiary/associated companies the charity controls at the end of the period (exclude companies that were dormant throughout the period)


Notes can be added to this window and all notes will appear as an appendix to the Corporate Tax computation. Click the click to add notes link at the foot of the data entry area.

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