Entering Loan transactions

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You can add details of transactions relating to a loan for a participator in the Participator detail window. To create the loan and enter the associated transactions relating to it click the hyperlinked name of the participator in the CT600A table.

Enter transactions

You can enter three types of transactions relating to a loan:

  • Loan made
  • Repaid
  • Released / written off
  1. Click in the Date column and enter a date for the transaction.

  2. Tab to or click in transaction type field.

  3. Select a transaction type from the list provided.

  4. Tab to or click the Amount field and enter an amount in whole pounds sterling.

  5. Tab to or click Set against prior period loan. Select the check box if the transaction relates to an amount repaid, released or written off against a loan made in a previous accounting period.  


This will reduce the balance of the loan outstanding at the accounting period end. It will not appear on the form CT600A.

Transactions relating to a later accounting period

Any transaction you have entered in one accounting period but relates to a later accounting period will appear in subsequent periods.

The transaction will continue to appear in the Participator detail window until the date of the transaction is earlier than the accounting period start in which you are viewing the transactions.

A transaction that has been entered in a previous period is indicated by the completed check box in the column headed Transactions entered in prior period within the Participator detail window..

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