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You can use this to claim Capital Allowances on Other qualifying expenditure that is not relieved elsewhere within Capital Allowances.

Claiming relief

This is located within Trading Income>Trading Name>Capital allowances>Other>Other Assets AP

The Other Assets are input via a grid.  The entries are self explanatory but there are nuances with certain of the fields are as follows.

  1. The Description should be unique for each asset
  2. WDA Rate This specifies the rate of WDA that should be applied to the pool.  If a different rate is required then please use the WDA rate override.
  3. The Full/Final disposal will close the pool.
  4. The Tick if Nil proceeds will ensure the disposal value is fixed at 0 and this field is then not editable.
  5. Tax written down value brought forward is editable in the first AP.  If the value requires amendment in subsequent APs use the Tax written down value brought forward override



All entries should be positive

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