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Last modified 12:47, 16 Jun 2015
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After creating the Practice Masterpack, the accounts pages can be modified using the Format Designer.

  • Select Maintenance > Accounts > Format Designer.
  • Select the Entity as UK Trust, the Master Pack as the latest version, the Collection as TA Accumulation and Maintenance Trust and the Size as Default.
  • A list of the available pages appears. The main functions are:
    • Double-click to open a master page and edit it.
    • Add Format to copy in an accounts page from another Collection.
    • Browse to Format to copy in a page that was previously saved to disk using Save To File on the context menu (right-click menu) within a client.
    • Mark as Deleted on the context (right-click) menu to delete an accounts page.
    • Select Accounting Period allows the user to select a client and accounting period for testing purposes while the page is being developed.
    • The order of pages can also be changed by dragging them up or down the list.
  • When the changes have been made, press OK to exit.


  • Select Accounting Period should be used after the Collection and Size have been selected, i.e. when the list of the available pages is displayed.
  • The Preview option is not available when editing an accounts page, until the Select Accounting Period option has been used.
  • If the accounts pages are read-only and cannot be edited then it is probably because this version of the masterpack has already been published.
  • If changes are made to a masterpack version that is already in use on a client then the changes will affect that client’s master pages.
  • Although users can add and remove pages, they cannot currently create practice level Collections.
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