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DirRange command

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Accounts Production supports the use of the DirRange command to list trustees’ details on the Information Page for a trust, or the personal representatives for an estate. A typical command is as follows:

AP("DirRange,#dr13 #dr11 #dr12 #dr105,IsTrusteeNowAndThen")

The field codes are as follows:




Start date


End date


Initials (if Name override is blank)


Last name (if Name override is blank)


Name override


Middle name (if Name override is blank)


Suffix (if Name override is blank)


Shows date retired or died, e.g. “(Retired 4 April 2015)” or “(Deceased 4 April 2015)”

The second parameter, IsTrusteeNowAndThen above, has two parts:

First Part

Officer Required


Reports on beneficiaries


Reports on settlors


Reports on trustees

IsPersonalRepresentative Reports on personal representatives for estate accounts


Second Part

When Acted


Acted at the date of signing the Trustees’ Report (not applicable to trust or estate clients)


Acted at the date of signing the Balance Sheet (not applicable to trust or estate clients)


Acted at any point in the year

So the second parameter can currently only be IsBeneficiaryNowAndThen, IsSettlorNowAndThen, IsTrusteeNowAndThen or IsPersonalRepresentativeNowAndThen.

Using the DirRange command has three advantages over using the #be, #st, #te and #pe commands for picking up individual beneficiary, settlor, trustee and personal representative details:

  • DirRange will use the name override if specified on the Officers screen.
  • DirRange allows the use of the NowAndThen parameter to pick up officers who acted at any point in the year; whereas #be, #st, #te and #pe show beneficiaries etc. as at the year end.
  • DirRange allows use of the #dr105 parameter to indicate whether an officer retired or died during the year.


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