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Working with Formats

Last modified 07:48, 24 Apr 2017
Table of contents

Topics in this Section

  • You can add a format to a collection so that it can be included in the report.
  • You can edit a format to customise it for the client.
  • If a format is selected by it but you do not want to include it in the financial report, you can exclude it by clearing the check box.
  • You can return a collection back to its original state containing the list of default formats. You may wish to do this if you have changed a collection by adding and/or removing formats. There are two ways to do this; Reset Collection or Revert to Default.
  • The spreadsheet used for editing formats supports standard MS Excel functions, for example =sum(), =average(), etc. It also supports an additional function for the extraction of data from the Accounts Production database, =AP(…), where … is the formula to execute. The formula within the AP() function currently follows the syntax of the formula used in VAP.
  • Each cell in a format has a style attached to it to specify the font settings which will be used on the resulting report. Each style has a name to identify it and when you select a call the style name and the formatting settings it contains are displayed in the toolbar.
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