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Field Choose Options

Last modified 07:48, 24 Apr 2017
Table of contents

Field Chooser

The right-click Show Field Chooser option allows you to select the columns that appear in the grid. On selecting this, the system will present a dialog that lists any available columns that are not currently visible in the grid. For example, for the Receipts grid there is an additional column that could be displayed in addition to those shown by default, called Account:

Field Chooser right-click option

The Account column displays the Logged in account to which the double entry will be posted. If you wish to display this col in the grid, drag the Account label from the Field Chooser window to the position in the grid where you would like it to appear.

You can: 

  • move any column displayed to a new position by dragging the column heading to it's new position in the grid
  • remove a column by dragging it up or down off the column header row.
    Some columns are mandatory (not optional) and you will not be able to remove these from the grid.



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