Entering Data in Grids

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<A lot of this info is duplicated. These features apply across the CCH suite. It is included - or should be included in the Central help> CCH AP makes widespread use of grids for data entry and display. Grids display data in a tabular format and are characterised by rows and columns. This section summarises the basic elements of using grids within CCH AP.

Entering Data in Grids

The data in grids is displayed in rows with a set number of columns containing column titles. If the grid is designed to allow you to make new entries, the first row of the grid will be a data entry row separated from existing entries by a bar. To add a new entry, type the information into the cells in the data entry row. In certain circumstances, the system will auto populate cells with predetermined values and these can be accepted or changed.

Receipts Grid

In some instances it is possible to either

  • type data directly into cells
  • select options from drop-down lists.

A common drop-down is the nominal accounts list which will be available wherever you need to enter a nominal account number. 

Nominal Analysis drop-down

For this field you can type the nominal account code, or type part of the description of the account to drop down a filtered list of accounts containing the string entered in the account name. Once the list appears, you can carry on typing to refine the filter, use the up and down arrow keys to select a code and press [Enter] or select an account by pointing to it and clicking the left mouse button.

Some grid cells contain this small Ellipsis button button, which allows you to add or select more information. Examples of this:

  • Description cell of the Receipts grid. When you click on this the system opens a window that allows you to enter and see the text for very long descriptions.
  • Details: Name cell in the Officers grid. When you click on this the system opens the Find contacts window to allow you to search for a contact to add.

Total Row

Where appropriate, grids contain a row at the bottom of the grid displaying totals. The total row is identified by the icon  .


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