Viewing Potential Audit Journals

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To display a grid showing any potential audit journals for the dataset select View Audit Journals on the CCH AP Task Bar. 

Edit or Add to Batch Journals


You cannot edit entries directly on this grid, to edit entries click on the Edit hyperlink. This opens the batch in a separate tab to allow you to edit or add to the batch. You can edit any of the information shown and add new lines too.

To post a batch, click on the Post hyperlink.


Audit Trail
Creating Audit Journal
To open the Create Audit Journals grid select Create Audit Journals from the CCH AP Task Bar.
Viewing Posted Audit Journals
To view posted Audit Journals, select View Audit Journals on the CCH AP Task Bar. A grid appears showing any potential audit journals for the dataset. Click the Posted radio button in the Actions panel and the system will list all posted Audit Journal batches.
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