Setting up CCH Central

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The Maintenance menu allows you to configure and maintain the system to best fit how your practice works.

Set up CCH Central

You can configure Central to:

  • represent the structure of the practice

  • extend the functionality of the application

  • connect to other CCH applications

Configuring the application is essential for:

  • providing the correct settings to enable employees to carry out work

  • keeping the application secure so that settings are not inadvertently changed

  • launching CCH compliant applications

Maintaining CCH Central

The system administrator is responsible for configuring and maintaining the application so that:

  • recorded information is structured correctly and useful to the practice

  • linked applications launch and operate correctly.

Configuring and maintaining the application takes place from the Main Menu>Maintenance and covers such areas as:

All information created and maintained under the Maintenance menu has an impact on the operating system of the application. As a result, if there is any doubt as to what needs to be done, please contact a CCH Consultant.

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